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Debating on Bar Stools

I am still thinking of what kind of barstool I'd like to get for my office. I'd love to get something with a simple style to it. This one looks pretty nice.

I love the tufted cushion. It looks comfy enough.

I am completely open to just getting an old school regular barstool, but I wondering how that is gonna feel not having a back on the chair. Then again, having a back on barstool chair kinda scares me...

What if I lean back too far?

I also don't know about the base on this thing.
It's a maybe for me....

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The old school barstool style looks good to me. It is originally what I had in mind. I also found this one one Overstock. This is the Miller girl... I didn't recognize her as that, though... I just thought she looked like a Red Mage from Final Fantasy.

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