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Old School Kitchen Timers

 In a world where your smartphone can do everything you never thought possible - there are still times I would much rather have a simple gadget handy to do a simple task.

Like a kitchen timer.

But I want a cute one!

Back to the future, I mean - now... the pro's of having a smartphone today include having a timer in it... SO why would I want or need an old school kitchen timer? Besides wanting something cute on my desk?

OK - here's why...

Because it's actually faster for me to reach for this cute little frog, and it's more fun to crank him 5 minutes and go, go, go! - than it is to look at my phone, find the icon, set the time and hit start. #boring!

It's funner. It's more fun. It makes me happier.
That's as simple as I can explain it.

Now which one here is the cutest? The Frog, Te Ladybug, The Owl or The Penguin?
I like them all, but I think I'm leaning towards the frog. I wonder if that says something about my personality?

Maybe - who knows.

What was that? What am I going to use this timer for? Did you just ask that? I was just wondering.

I'll tell you. I'll give you a hint.

I time all my tasks. I've got so much stuff online to do. I am always all over the place. The world of online social media and places to promote art and everything gets to be so overwhelming I tend to get lost without a schedule and a timer.

So what do I do? In a nutshell (that would make a cool kitchen timer, like a walnut or something?) Anyway - In a nutshell I cruise pinterest, tumblr, deviantart, behance, twitter, facebook - and other places like that. I cruise it looking for stuff to like and reblog and to make quick connections with people, but I only spend 5 minutes per site doing that. But doing it everyday makes a difference.

I am about to watch the Game of Thrones premiere. So with that I bid you adieu. I apologize in advance for any typos you might find.

Here are the links for these cute little guys or you can always click their pictures, too!

Owl Timer on Amazon

Penguin Timer on Amazon

Ladybug Timer on Amazon

Froggy Timer on Amazon

There are so many other cool timers on there! I just saw an Icecream cone, a Mushroom... silver apples... I'll have to come back to edit or make a second entry. Because there are a ton of cute timers on Amazon. Who knew?