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Adult Coloring Book Planner because I am an Adult Child

So I just bought this planner from Amazon, because my life is kind of a mess at the moment and I'm terrible at sticking to a system.

My thought process with this is that during any downtime I have (which is pretty often), I can color pages but also be thinking of planning things and keeping all my shit together. I really need to get my shit together.

If anyone out there would like to know a little more about me... I'll tell ya, but damn I don't even know where to start.... um, ok... I'm 30 something. I prefer to work part time outside of the house and work from home on my websites, curating art, finding memes I think are funny - just junk. It's a hobby with potential to make actual money, but overall I do it for fun. It's more fun when I see dollars appear in my accounts as a result of what I'm doing, of course. But either way...

Oh here's a picture of February in the planner I am patiently waiting for: 

I like how it's weekly. I want to start having some weekly tasks. Not only do I need to get my shit together, I need to start getting more shit done.

So yeah. I got that and some markers. I hope they don't bleed through the pages, but even if they do I don't think I will give a shit because It will be bleeding through last week's crap. Maybe as long as I can still read it... oh god I hope I can still read it... But maybe it won't bleed at all. I don't know - We'll find out.

Ok that's enough blogging for today. I hate long wordy blogs. It's because I have ADHD or ADD or whatever - I have an attention problem. It's like everything for me is TLDR.

I don't even know how to end a blog entry.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day?



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