Thursday, April 8, 2021

My Stupid Notebook 1

There are many stupid notebooks out there, and this is one is mine.

Since this is my website afterall and I can and will post whatever I want... why not?
We are humans with a limited about of time. Our days are numbered. 

I've decided for myself to get weird with it all and to share it.

I want to talk about a lot of stuff but I don't know where to begin, but I'm gonna try.

I figure I'll just post a page and then try to explain it, so here we go....

This page sucks, it's a rough start. It's just scribbles and broken thoughts. 

Look at this crap, lol. Ok. It started out with me putting myself into a video game mode mindset thinking about my my own abilities, or anyones. I wrote down "Skills"

Skills, we have em. Some have many. If some don't really have them they can develop some skills through experience and rinse and repeat. Anyone can. If you have talent, then you would have an easier time developing a certain type of skill. If you don't have talent it may be harder to develop certain skills, but It is not impossible. It all comes from effort and discipline.


For Skills today I just want to talk about the ones I listed:

Magic, Knowledge, Physical. 

I'd like think about these as primary skills, that have many subskills below them... like for example the ability to communicate well with others (magic, mental) or being able to do a back-flip (physical)  or having an attractive personality (magic) or knowing everything there is to know about gardening (mental, magic) or love for the study of something that you're in tune with, curious of, have talent with... etc... etc...

Magic is real. Magic is spirit. Jesus is Magic and So is the Devil, So I would be careful if I were you. I go for the Jesus magic, Myself. Long ago before I knew better I would entertain Devil magic purely in order to understand it. I have no interest in the Sadistic side of Magic, but I think the more we understand the Dark allows us to more fully Appreciate the Light. The Dark is really a stupid selfish waste of time, but ok. I digress.

Magic... Magic is in Music. There is good and bad magic in music. And you can tell with kind it is by gauge in how you feel when you listen to it. Does the music you listen to make you feel good?  Does it make you smile? Does it make you wanna dance a little? Does it make you want to put someone else in a good mood when they see you enjoying it? That is the music you want in your playlist. Go explore. Go through your own playlist and delete all the songs that make you feel sad and dumpy or less. Go delete all the songs with shitty lyrics that don't help lift you up. Music is a magic spell. You can play your favorite music spells over and over and let them heal you. (I like reggae and Sublime was a good place for me to start to build my feel-good playlist. Probably because Sublime was from my teenage years and the genre of music it is spills out into so many places, artists, styles... but that's me - You might prefer showtunes, or country, or polka or something I would consider extremely annoying, but if it makes you happy and you can feel it that's where you need to go.)

Don't play the shitty music that speaks only about failure with no solution.  That will lead you to run in circles and become lost. Pay attention. Most people today don't. But you can. We all can. Be picky.

Moving on.. Physical.

Get up. Get moving. Find a way. I don't care if it is dancing, or just warming up as if you are going to do heavy exercise session but then skipping the hard exercise part (i do this). I don't work out hard, But I move around a lot. Living a sedentary life will work against you the more time you spend your life that way.  Pay attention.

I'll take breaks right now just sitting here and writing this pile of physcobabble to put my arms up in the air and do jazz hands like an idiot and move my torso side to side, often! I have to! If you don't use it, you lose it (you can get it back through effort). As you get older, your muscles become stiffer faster through lack of use. Pretend you know how to play drums. Just dont sit around looking like a loaf. This is your life. I need to get up with mine. Someday I'd like to tell you all about my exercise routine. I'm over 40, I weigh 119, I'm 5'6" and I intermittent fast (one meal a day) but I don't really diet. Let's move on. I gotta get this done and get outside today.

-actually I'm gong to pause this and get outside right now. I have a little gardening outside to do - brb -

I'm back hours later...let's kill some time.. ok


It's what you know. And knowing is half the battle. 

The more you know, the more you grow.

Ignorance is not Bliss. It's just living stupidly on autopilot making the same dumbass mistakes. Ignorance is kind of like being Naive. Except with Ignorance you're been shown the way many times yet refuse to learn... being Naive is for beginners and the young. Hopefully you are lucky and are a fast learner.

Knowledge is both book smarts and street smarts. You should be able to read people like you can read a book. You can't gauge a person's worth by looking at what they drive or where they live or what they are wearing. I look at how they treat other people. If it is respectful, that's good. If it is helpful, even better - If it's comedic, that's the best. But i think You have to be the kind of person that is considerate of most people's feelings, even when they are inconsiderate of yours. 

I keep trailing off. This is why i probably need an editor. 

Knowledge is knowing who is who. Who are your people? Who are the ones you can count on? Who are the ones to avoid? Knowledge is experience. 

Books, read books. Read as many stories you can/want to geek out to while you have time. Make sure they are good stories and not some shitty smutt. Pick your books wisely, idiot.

Watch movies, documentaries. Learn more about history, pick a neat time period to look into and go!!!

Learn about psychology or philosophy. Entertaining smarter thoughts out of you own initial thought realm expands your consciousness and will make you more interesting.  

Ask questions but remember and think about the answers until you full understand.

Knowledge is huge. I could ramble on, but let's finish this for today.

If you balance your body and your mind you will find your soul because that is where it thrives the most. You still have soul no matter what, it's just easier to understand and nurture your soul in a healthy mind and body. 

Let go of all the bullshit

I certainly don't care about it. 

Most people out there don't.

I can still talk to you about some bullshit. You can still talk to me about your bullshit, but...

But let's not get attached to our bullshit.

Let's let it go. That's the only reason I'll even talk about it. 

To get it out of my system. To let it go.

To learn.

Shake that shit off because it stanks.

It makes your personality stink if you attach yourself to it. 

But if you brush that shit off with a laugh, you'll always be ok. 

I think I'm done for today.

Gives me time to scribble up some new/more mental mess. 

and I don't care who reads this or what they think

unless they love it and love me anyway either way.

I'm a good human.

Maybe I can show you how.

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