Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Turquoise Lace Maxidress

Pretty Long and lean turquoise dress in Lace. 
Yes, Please! 

Vintage Style Lacey Dress in Black & Beige

This dress is gorgeous. Another Modcloth find currently out of stock.
Better make a request so it comes back!

Black Mesh Tunic

This looks super cool. The sleeves look nice and long, which is phenomenal.
As a tall girl, I believe long sleeves need to be long! 

Crochet Skull Tanktop

This shirt looks awesome. I like the detail, there's just one thing about this sort of style that bugs me...

Is this girl wearing a bra?
I don't know about you, but I absolutely need to be wearing a bra in order leave the house.
I'm thinking a good fix would be to get another color tighter tanktop to wear underneath it, that way the skull shows up and my bra straps don't. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

French Polynesia Pier Paradise


Looks so calm and peaceful. 
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and at the moment... I don't have any.
Just a smile.

Tropical New Zealand


It's a perfect day right here.
These be happy trees.

Black Pearl Diamond Necklace

This is a Tahitian Cultured Pearl, with a pretty diamond accent. 

"Five brilliant diamonds contrast beautifully with a single 8.0-8.9 mm Tahitian cultured pearl. This necklace is finished with a delicate 18k white gold cable chain."

Sterling Silver Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbows make me happy. This sterling silver rainbow gemstone makes me happy, too.

"Bold in color, this gemstone bracelet is crafted in sterling silver and features thirty-four round amethyst, garnet, citrine, blue topaz, and peridot gemstones in a flexible single line design."

Blue Topaz Green Peridot 14k Gold Ring

The blue and green colors look magnificent on this 18k gold ring.
A simple style that makes me think of paradise, luxury and wealth. 

Palm Trees Beach Towel

Just a huge Beach towel, Palm tree sunset. I love the colors.

Tiki Head String Lights

These Tiki head guys are super cute!
Perfect for a Luau party or your own holy Tiki space.

Solar Powered Tiki Head

This super cool guy can just sit outside soaking up the sun all day and light up the night all on it's own.
Gives your garden or backyard space a cool Hawaiian Tiki feel!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Enchanted Rainbow Beach Pants

I am mesmerized. These pants don't look like pants, but they are!
So neat how they are sheer and translucent - I love the simple soft colors.

(I wouldn't wear those shoes, though. I need flipflops.)
and a long shirt or tanktop over it.


Tropical Palm Trees Wall Art Set

Nice little set collection of palm tree art for a wall around a room.
Give it that vintage tropical feel.

Grey Saturday Sweater for any day, really.

This sweater looks warm, comfy, long - and knitted in a flattering style.
I would toss this over a dress on a cold raw overcast day.
Like today.
And it is actually Saturday. 

Chocolate Brown Crochet Maxi Dress

So Gorgeous! I love this look! 
It's so simple and rich and proper looking.
Take good care of it! Handwash and dry flat! :)

Pretty in Pink Lace Tank Top

Pretty little lace tanktop.
What's not to love?
Maybe having it dryclean only? Nope!
Machine wash, Tumble dry.

Gorgeous Pink Silver Embroidered Blouse

Pretty beachworthy blouse in pink with silver embroidery design.
It's so super pretty.

Black Sandal Style FlipFlops

I couldn't decide which pair I liked more - the white or the black ones.
There are many colors to choose from and they all look great.
But I tend to stick to basic colors for shoes because basic colors go with more outfits....

Totally Beachy White Sneaker Flats

Who makes these? Tommy Bahama? Sounds like they belong here! 
Cute simple flats - can't go wrong... just keep em clean.
They come in white, this olive green color and navy blue.
The white ones are my favorite.
I really like the swordfish embroidery.

Sea Spray Green Mesh Sneakers

Oh my goodness - I want these shoes. They just look so breathable!
I love the color of them too! They also come in this nice beige color I would totally want.

The bright blue and yellow versions? Not so much!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Colorful Sunset at Sombrero Beach Photo Print


I like to pretend I live in a place not to far from a place like this.
Where money is no worry. Time goes by peacefully.
And I feel closer to nature.

I've been posting so many pictures of paradise these past few days I am beginning to see it flash in my mind when I close my eyes. When I drift off to fall asleep.
It's so nice.

Diamond Snake Ring

This ring is EPIC! Look at it! 
It's 18k white gold and crazy expensive.
It better come with special powers.
Like, communicate with snakes. 
But then again, who knows when you would need that super power.

Gold & Silver Dragon Ring

I love dragons, especially those of the Asian style.
Far East style? Oriental style?
However you call it - I think this ring is majestic.

Maldives, Indian Ocean - Art Print


Imagine waking up to this outside your humble abode.
How does the air feel? How warm is the sand? Does the water feel like a bath?
Dream your dreams until they become real.
Maybe someday I will meet you there.

Gold Crystal Chain Wrist Watch

When it comes to watches, I like them to look like a nice piece of jewelry.

I'm not really one for watches with leather straps on them.
I like the wacthes that continue with the style of the watch into the band. 
This chain look is gorgeous! Wouldn't you agree?

Royal Key Pendant

I just think this piece is super neat looking.
Key jewelry is awesome as I've said before.
This one is a mix of gold and silver tanzanite.

So while it's not really something of major value.
More like costume jewelry...

It's still something I'd call treasure due to fact I love the design.

Sterling Silver Key Pendant

I love key jewelry. Keys are cool.
They lock things, they open things.
I love beautiful ornate looking keys.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Heart Ring

I love silver. Especially with this beautiful purple amethyst stone. 
It's so dainty and pretty!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Black Bling Bling Skull

Adriana Orsini
Pavé Skull Pendant Necklace

I love skull things and this looks completely awesome.

Light Blue Spike Pendant Necklace

 Looks like a shark-tooth - It looks magical! 
I absolutely love this design and the chain looks awesome as well. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Hyacinth Energy Earrings

Hyacinth Energy Earrings? Oooo - I am very interested.
Not just because these gorgeous glowing red gemstones kind of enchant me,
but read the item description on this talks about chakras and healing...
I'd love a pair - something like this would make a really great gift.

Cute Black Loafers

I'd call them slip on sneakers, Aldo calls them loafers. 
Whatever you want to call these - They look super cute to me!

Simple Sheer Black Tanktop

These are called "Layering" tank tops
because they are sheer and make good for layered looks.
I would very much like to have one in every color available.

Cool Back Black Sportsbra

The back straps on this sports bra are awesome.

It looks really comfortable, too!

Black and Grey Demask Wallpaper

Splendour WallpaperBy Graham & Brown

I really like this pattern. I find it magical and memorizing.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Roxy Coastal White Braided Flip Flops

Beautiful clean style. Love these! 

Teal & Grey Roxy Flip Flops

I'm looking for a simple, subtle teal and grey flip flop with a dash of style.
Think I found them!

Black Retro Style Shades

Simple retro style sunglasses by Xhiliaration.  

Bora Bora Art Print


I would really like to hang around here for an afternoon.
It makes me happy to look at.

Cayman Island Beach Photo Print


Yes, Yes, Yes!
If I can't wake up to this everyday out my window,
I want it on my walls.

Hawaii Sunrise Photo Print


Oh Holy Heaven on Earth!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Grey Ansley Moccasins

Another moccasin style from Uggs. I like these ones because they have no laces! Typically what I find with most moccasins with laces (that serve absolutely no purpose) is that they inevitably become untied and nearly impossible to re-tie and keep them that way. I end up cutting them off. So this pair saves me that step all together. This style comes in all kinds of crazy colors. 

Silver Bead Bracelet

Gorgeous Silver Bracelet - Simple style - That's what we go for here.

Thursday, April 17, 2014