Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mt Etda Erupting, Sicily, Italy #nature

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Mount Etna blasts lava and ash high into sky
3 December 2015 Last updated at 22:13 GMT
Mount Etna, the volcano on the Italian island of Sicily, has erupted in spectacular fashion.
Etna sent a plume of fire and ash into the sky, several kilometres high.
The eruption caused the closure of the nearest airport on the Italian mainland and left several villages covered in a thick layer of ash 
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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Learnin' photoshop, mon #photoshop

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I laughed a little too much at this but I dont care.

I like how one of the redditors led me here to this Adult swim Paul Judd thing >

oh and if you like the video, try the simulator, enjoy! >

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Balancing Rocks #nature

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Peaceful photo, that I was unable to find any source for at this time.
But I liked it enough to post it here :)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Slinky Cat

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Black Iceberg #nature

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I didn't have enough time this morning to look  into original photographer or what is up wth a black iceberg in the first place, but if you read the reddit thread, one redditor says this is what salt water looks like frozen... I find that odd - I just assumed all icebergs were salt water because they are all already in the ocean.


Island in the Sky, Tumuch Lake, British Columbia #nature

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Photograph by Shane Kalyn >>

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Detroit Looking Evil Tonight #adventure

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So normally I don't post photos of modern city skylines, but there was something about this photo that struck me as amazing, eerie, evil.... Like as if a modern day Dracula lives up in that red skyscraper. Right? This picture is amazing.

Anyway. Let's talk about Detroit for a minute... I find the history of Detroit kind of fascinating and I wonder from time to time how the city still even functions.

There are quite a few documentaries on Detroit available on youtube. I just found this one that was short and professional enough to get you started if you were at all interested in learning more.

The Road to Narjac, France #adventure

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I found the original photographer on Flickr through tineye >

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Galaxy Flower aka Black Velvet Petunia #flowers

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How cool is this flower? Gorgeous!
I tried to find the original photographer and failed... I cant even read that signature.
What does that even say?

Well, as always, if you happen to know the original source please do let me know!


Violet Backed Starling #birds

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I originally stumbled across an image of this bird on reddit. Here it is >
link to reddit with more info on the bird >

I chose to look online for a different photo only because I typically look for photos with no people in them, which includes hands! However I love both photos and this bird is freaking gorgeous!

It's an african bird. Here's a link to a website with some more info >

Here's a video on it >

Also this is the best I can do to credit the original photographer, Gerrit Lotx >
I couldn't find a website or anything on this guy... Oh well!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hungry Hyena wants Flamingos for dinner #nature

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I was unable to find the original photographer, but I tried. I always try.
If you know who it was, feel free to comment!

Is this the school where you can learn how to go Super Saiyan? Pay the teachers whatever they want!

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Anyway, Here's my common sense take on teacher's and their pay...
The less money you give them, the less of a great education you can expect them to give your kids.
The less money that goes into the school system in general.

I hate it when the money is spent on stupid things, like teaching kids common core math instead of the traditional way, and not accepting a "doesn't matter how you do math, as long as it's right" policy, so parents who have no freaking idea about common core can still help their own kids learn stuff.

Schools should help teach kids to become amazing adults capable of taking care of themselves, and to contribute back to society in constructive, creative ways.
I wish we had programs that explained taxes, credit, cooking, meditation, basic social etiquette. You know all the things many parents out there don't appear to be doing a great job at since they never got that kind of education either, So I'm not mad at the parents.

Wish more people thought outside the box I guess.

Sometimes I feel like an alien.

We need more super saiyans like Goku.
He's always been a nice guy, hasn't he?


Monday, June 13, 2016

Forest Fox #nature

I'm so sorry I lost the reddit source. I had saved this photo last night and never posted it and I wanted to post it afterall... but when I went back to reddit to find the thread I couldn't find it anywhere.

Anyway - I can't really give you a credit either. I tried looking through tineye, but all the results were in Japanese... or maybe it was chinese.... Either way the results I got, and had translated didn't even mention the original photographer. I tried, though!!

Hohenzollern Castle in the Clouds, Germany #castles

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Cotton Candy Clouds #nature

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Prague at Dusk #photography

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Original photographer, Markus Grunau >

Thursday, June 9, 2016