Saturday, May 21, 2016

Volcanic Ash Ikekomi-doro Garden Lantern #zengarden

Volcanic Ash Ikekomi-doro Garden Lantern,

Bring global light to your indoor/outdoor space with this very unique garden lantern. Crafted of crushed basalt with a stonewashed or oxidized iron finish, this rustic lamp features a fusion of Indonesian and Japanese-inspired traditions to bring cultural interest to your decor. Crushed basalt, cement, Stone washed, oxidized iron

Story Behind the Art: Nyoman Kartini grew up following his father step becoming a renowned stone carver. He now helps a good portion of his wife's village in Indonesia. Being able to earn a good, stable salary working locally without having to travel long distance for work in the city is much appreciated for him and his workers. It also permits him to invest more time with his two daughters.

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