Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Solar Panel Windmills for Super Double Energy Power! It's real. I looked it up.

But they aren't perfect yet....


"on a particularly hot day the turbines would generate ‘lethal’ solar rays that could set buildings on fire if concentrated."

Oh shit! Maybe they should matte the surface of the panels and/or run it more horizontally?
...or better yet - fuck this whole idea and just put solar panels all over the ground around them.

Teach people how to make and maintain these things and create some jobs, with a purpose...

Make personal home versions of this shit people can buy.
It's not marketed to us right now.

Too busy being all tied into stupid outdated stubborn dirty methods.

I don't get it.
Oh well anyway.

I overheard this and thought it was a funny idea.

Where did I overhear it?

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