Friday, April 2, 2021

Dreamland: The School

Hi - I wanted to start a blog that describes the vast landscapes that I seem to keep re-visitng in my dreams, talk more about my dreams, help myself understand and hopefully begin to have easier time lucid dreaming. I'm not great at introductions - I just want to dive right in and start off describing one of the places I find myself dreaming of repetitively, the School:


I find myself in a school setting most often. It is a representation of every school I've ever been to or have seen on television or played in video games. It changes everytime I visit. Like Dracula's castle in the Castlevania series. It's the same place, but the rooms move around to different places.

The School somehow connects to other places, like the Theater, and the Mall and the busy streets outside... I see long hallways lined with lockers, usually in a pale light... blue? I feel like I see brown or yellow hues, too.

In the School there are also split level staircases. I've colored this in photoshop to appear quite vivid for fun, but from what I can remember it's almost as if everything is covered with twilight. Sometime the stairs are broken and I'm left to find other stairways that are not broken to get up and down.

When I find myself here, I'll roam the hallways and classrooms, interacting with whoever is in the dream. It's always different people, sometimes it is people I know well, other times I've met many strangers and even celebrities. I can't say for sure who exactly yet. As nights go by I wish to return here to talk about what happened during the night before, but for now - I'd just like to describe the places.

[picture of classroom, TBA]

One thing I always remember is that the dreams in the schools, I am still in highschool. I know how old I am. I know I'm 40. But in my dream, I've been kept back in some sort of program to earn a highschool degree (in reality I have a G.E.D.) and in my dream, It's like I only have 2 weeks left till I can graduate. No one in my dreams seem to make a big deal about it and for whatever reason this all seems normal. 

That's going to do it for today. I spent over an hour and a half working on this blog and pictures. Amazing how time flies. I'd like to write in here at least once a day for a while so I can explain the places in the world of my dreams. Something weird has been going on and I want to understand it.

Thanks for reading ~

Sweet Dreams Friends



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